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The Legend of Kate Kensington Starring Pete Hunt

The Legend of Kate Kensington, soon to be released!

In the Legend of Kate Kensington, Pete Hunt stars as Sheriff Raymond DiMatteo. Who doesn’t love a cowboy…especially one that can sing AND act. This cowboy has it all…a voice, the words, and mad acting skills!

Pete Hunt starts as Sheriff Ray DiMatteo

The year is 1941 and a young woman, Kate Kensington, struggles with the loss of her fiancee who was stationed at Pearl Harbor. Due to the tragic loss she falls into severe depression. Her parents, Freda and Dr. Robert Kensington II M.D., have placed her into a mental institution for treatment.

While Kate is at the asylum she receives various forms of treatment; however, things begin to slowly spiral out of control as Kate slips further into psychosis. After nine months of unsuccessful treatments at Dunning Mental Asylum, Kate is released into her family’s care.

On October 31, 1942, Kate Kensington puts on her wedding dress, walks out of the Kensington Estate and into the woods and is never seen again. A massive twenty-two day search was conducted by the Citrus County Sheriff’s Department without a single clue to Kate’s whereabouts.

Throughout all the stories the one question remained, “What ever happened to Kate Kensington?”

THE LEGEND BECOMES A REALITY… Present day, a photo has surfaced by a respected local photographer, Ralph White. The photo shows what appears to be a ghostly apparition walking among the Hills of Rest Cemetery grounds. The story breaks when the photo is placed on the front page of the newspaper as a morning news crew reports the story on location at the Hills of Rest Cemetery.

The excitement escalates as three close friends go on a quest to discover the truth and they begin to unravel the mystery of: “The Legend Of Kate Kensington”

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