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Pete Hunt and Southern Branded Band at the IR-RU, Inverness, FL

Pete Hunt and the Southern Branded Band Rocked the IR-RU Friday night, July 12th


Pete Hunt, and his official band, the Southern Branded, put on another great show at the IR-RU Family Social Club in Inverness, Florida on Friday night. The IR-RU is a charitable family social club and all money raised by the IR-RU goes to entirely sponsored charities or beneficiaries.  It’s a great place with over 4400 square feet, along with a great horseshoe bar and great staff.

Even though it was a stormy night, Pete Hunt and Southern branded pulled in a great crowd, opening up with Seminole Wind by John Anderson, Marshal Tucker, Hank Jr., and the beat just picked up from there. Later in the evening they played one of Pete’s songs from his soon to be released album, Good Ole’ Boys, the song title was the same, and it was a big hit. Everyone cheered and there’s no doubt it will be a radio hit on the charts. Towards the end, the line dancers came out and kicked it up to Copper Head Road and Jonathan, the fiddle player, was right on track. 

When speaking with Pete on a break, we discussed his song, Good Ole’ Boys. He said he’d been working on it for decades and wants to add  a little more to it before recording in the studio. Always a perfectionist with his original music as you can see on his Alligator Alley album. It’s available on Amazon or you can listen to the single tracks and buy them buy them right here

The Band:

Pete Hunt’s official band, Southern Branded, were great. The band members are:

Jonathan Widger, the violin player. Originally from upstate New York, he now lives in Brooksville, FL. Jon was a major in violin while attending Montgomery College and when he plays the fiddle, there’s no doubt he’s good. Jon also plays the guitar, harmonica, and sings backup as well as lead with some of his favorites.

Robbie Smith is the band’s bass player and backup singer. Originally from Virginia, he now lives in Zephyr Hills, FL. Jeff has been playing most of his life with several different bands. He’s been with the Southern Branded Band for about 5 months and has no plans to go any where. He’s found his home with Southern Branded.

Jimmy Van Bremen is the newest member and plays the drums.  Now 39, he’s been playing the drums since he was five years old. Jim is one of the best drummers I’ve seen in all the bands I’ve covered or hired. Born and raised in Tampa, Florida, he now lives in Dade City, has two kids, nine and

Jimmy Van Bremen

six.  During and interview with Jim, he said he takes his music seriously and professionally, going on to say he’s found his home with Pete Hunt and the the band.

And a big thanks to the Southern Branded staff, Karena And Danny. They were on site selling the Southern Branded merchandise. Great people to talk to and if you’d like to see what’s available, visit our shop!

Pete Hunt would like to thank T.J. who manages the IR-RU, as well as Christa and Shannon who were tending bar for their hospitality. Just a great place to play and if you’d like to see the band, they are scheduled to play again on September 8th, 2019. Be sure and stop by IR-RU any time and say hello!



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